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About Texas Christmas Lights Installers

The company was established by Steve Huskey in 2010.  Having knowledge of the Christmas light installation industry, and having success with his own Christmas light installation venture, Steve decided it was time to start helping consumers all over Texas. Since then, Texas Christmas Lights Installers has become one of the state’s most respected & trusted Christmas light installation firms.

Here at Texas Christmas Lights Installers, we want to help you design and implement an outdoor lighting strategy that fits your taste and budget. We specialize in the Christmas light niche, so we know what the best tactics are to provide you the most spectacular lighting display at your budget.


Texas Christmas Lights Installers

We are a small group of outdoor lighting experts in Austin, TX. We decided to go into the Christmas light niche because we found that our online marketing worked well with Christmas light installation firms. We decided to capitalize on what we do best.

We service residential, commercial, and subdivision properties in Austin and surrounding areas. We offer the best Christmas lighting options in the area and are here to help you however large or small your project is.

Our ideal client is anyone looking to spice up the Christmas season with festive lighting!  From home owners to offices to HOAs, we are here to help.

With our team of Christmas lighting experts, we can get you a free estimate and get the job done quickly and perfectly so you do not have to worry about your lights this year!

We are a Christmas light installation company that is here to help you make the holidays more festive and less stressful.




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